Who we are?

Our story begins with passion for people and psychology.

Moreover, we have combined psychology with Marketing and PR, and our latest project contributed to the development of a new domain in our country, in the field of animal assisted therapy, which brings joy and relaxation among the children and employees.

Meet the team
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Our story begins with passion for people.

The concept was an idea that appeared in the clouds on the way to Rome in January, 2014.

5 months later, Talent Center, with the motto "passion for people" already appeared with a website and a facebook page.

Talent Center has the competitive advantages: we never give up a project! We are perfectionists and we always reach the end we propose. Moreover, we have a special relationship with our clients. For us, these are real life stories, life lessons, beyond the organizational environment. This side of people, we love it. And the term "client" is easily lost. We are first of all, PEOPLE. And this is our unique value proposition to develop and capitalize on their talents as if it were our family.

Everyday we live the story of Talent Center, it is impossible to write it in a few words how passionate we are about our great mission. We support everyone, entrepreneurs or employees in their conquest of the world!



to motivate our community and its people


to never give up a project, to go above and beyond


to open up new opportunities for growth and advancement


continuously of value, quality, time, and cost

Our team

Alexandra Badea

I started my dreams many years ago, the first being to go to the USA, and in 2007, I succeeded. My next goal was to become an HR manager, and at 26 years I got that job. The next one was to become an entrepreneur.

Today I am happy to have created Talent Center, She is Mom, and made a solid contribution to Agritech Center.

I was born to be an entrepreneur, but more than this, I was blessed with high creativity and the power to connect people.

I dream of sharing my good energy, experience, and power to put my dream into practice with the people ready for this journey. Of course, following your authentic passion is the best, but finding your path takes time and requires much courage.

Andreea Radu
Managing Partner

Andreea welcomes every day with joy and eagerness of descovering new experiences and meeting new people. She learns from every new experience and likes helping others do the same.

Daniela Enache
Human Resources Consultant

Daniela has chosen to study Human Resources because she believes that the right people in the right places can change the World. She is optimistic and enthusiast and every interaction that she has with the persons that come for an interview is full of joy.

Roxana Macarie
HR Business Partner

Roxana believes that intuition is one of the most important capacity of an HR, followed by empathy and passion. She consider herself to be a little bit of every person she met and every experience she had, and she is certain that everything happens for a reason.

Adrian Badea
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian has extensive experience in B2B high-value sales with Tech companies. He has a passion for developing businesses and see them succeed.

Daria Simion
Managing Partner

Daria discovered her passion for human resources from her first job. With 10 years of experience in the field, 7 in IT recruitment in multinational companies, she has developed her expertise in end-to-end recruitment processes, onboarding, sourcing, account management.

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