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Hire a Recruitment Consultant For Your Next IT Project

No need to worry about the recruitment process. We take care of it for you.

Outsource recruiting for your IT positions

We understand that your focus is to run your business and not spend time on recruitment. Find the best talents for your projects with the help of experienced IT Recruiters.

Get the right person for your IT projects done

We know how to make your project a success.

A reliable and dedicated IT Recruiter

We have an experienced IT Recruiter that can take care of your projects.

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Our recruitment consultants will look at the whole process with you
- from the definition of the requirements to the final selection of the best suitable candidate.


Need to make changes in your HR processes?

We are an experienced HR Consultancy, offering services designed to help companies maximize their HR potential.

Improve your HR policy

We have a team of experts to help you define your HR processes and to implement them.

Define your HR processes

We help you define the onboarding process, reshape the evaluation system, or create different approaches for the employee experience.

Find the right resources

Our consultants can assist you step-by-step in developing the resources you need for your organization.

Our HR process solutions are designed to give you the streamlined experience you need, with time and cost savings that will take your business to the next level.

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Find your organization's unique features and amplify them.

With our Employer Branding International Certified experts, we can support you in increasing your employer brand on the market, which will help you attract and retain the talents your company needs.

Know your identity

Define your organization’s mission, values, and culture.

Learn how to stand out

We will help you grow your company's reputation as an employer and the value it brings.

Build an employer branding master plan

We will create the strategy to advertise your employer's brand best, design your promotional materials and generate the best texts for your employer branding campaigns.

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We will help you design an employer branding communication campaign that reflects your organizational performance objectives and drives attraction, engagement and retention of talent.


Discover the right people for the job.

We will find the right candidates for you by evaluating the skills, experience, and education level required for your projects.

Discover the right people for the job

We will find the right candidates for you by evaluating the skills, experience, and education level required for your projects.

Get the right IT talent and skills you need

Send us the requirements, and we will analyze your needs, publish your jobs and start the headhunting process.

She is Mom for your company

If you need more exposure for your job opening and have non-it roles, explore the She is Mom platform, and let's discuss creating your company profile there for better exposure.

Whether you're an established business looking to streamline processes, or a start-up looking to build a culture, our team of experienced professionals is here to provide tailored solutions to fit the individual needs of your business.

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Talent Center is the best solution to hire and grow your company

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Resources to grow your business

The course aims to help you acquire the necessary know-how. Learn about hands-on recruitment, employer branding and building the relationship both with a candidate and with the business

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I invite you to the Storytelling and Employer Branding workshop in recruitment so that we can work together on the story that you pass on to the candidates you want to attract.

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Discover more career resources. Choose the right package for your needs. Our HR consultants are here to offer you professional support to help you achieve your goals.

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